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Powerwolf autographed Magazin. Thanx a lot to my Friend Chris !!

Received Febr. 2014

Autographed CD Booklet from the

"Bible of the Beast" Album

Autographed CD Cover from the

Rock Hard Magazine 2013

Special Version

Attila Dorn (voc) Foto Wacken 2013

Falk Maria Schlegel (synth) Foto Wacken 2013

Charles Greywolf (guit) foto Wacken 2013

Matthew Greywolf (guit) Foto Wacken 2013

Roel van Helden (drums) Foto Wacken 2013

Bandfoto received via a private contact Januar 2014


A Big Thanx to Toni !!!

and this now is the ORIGINAL !! I've got this from the Band as a present to my birthday. Gotten after the Show in Hamburg on 25.10.2013 from the Keyboarder !! awesome !!

POWERWOLF is a german Metal Band

picture is a prePrint from 2013