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The biggest success ever of My favorite band No. one. I wrote a long personally letter to Tobias and he sents me back all my pictures signed and with dedication. Only he does not longer sign the old stuff from the beginning of GHOST. But that's not a problem. I received all these autographs in October 2017 from his private address in Sweden.


Metal Hammer Poster. Signed by PAPA EMERITUS III

the signatur

The Mask of PAPA EMERITUS 1 But Tobias signed this even so with Papa III . He does nothing longer sign with the old signatures.

The ORIGINAL "Omega" of GHOST Martin P. received both autographs via his private address in Sweden in October 2017

"Omega" of GHOST

GHOST is a Swedish Metal Band. One of my 4 favorite bands. This autographed picture of the whole band is from 2015 Received after the show in Munich in Dec. 2015 This is one of my biggest success EVER.
I love GHOST and I wrote in two years round about 10 letters to different locations for an succes..Nothing.But In Dec,. 2015 I sent 2 letters, very long written and very personaly to two locations here in Germany. One letter came back from Munich. My pictures was all signet in original ! incl. 2 Guitar picks. Very hard to get these guitar pics. What an Success....

Big Size Poster of GHOST. Autographed by PAPA EMERITUS II. Received in 2014 from the GHOST US Management

Autographed booklet of  the "Infestissumarn. I bough this CD in SWE at the bengans shop.

Autographed picture of PAPA EMERITUS II..received via the GOST US Management in 2014

Now is it PAPA EMERITUS III...his autograph and the Band symbols, this is the second picture which I get from Munich in 2015

And this is awesome first GHOST autograph with dedication.
PAPA EMERITUS III signs this after the show in Berlin in March 2017. Incl. 3 Guitar picks for my collection.

and the second pictures of PAPA EMERITUS III from the show in Berlin in 2017


Now the question WHY and WHO is this......No problem It's very simple. This is Masha Malinina from the USA an Child Acctress, And Why? Okay, she is the face in the GHOST "Cirice" Video" I found her contact via facebook and wrote my request, She was very friendly and sent me this picture and an private letter. I think in a couple of years she can be a TV star. Why not.....