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Hannes van Dahl Drummer of SABATON. Received both autographs and the Foto together with Floor (NIGHTWISH) from his address in Sweden.

Hannes van Dahl (drums)

Tobbe Englund, former guitar player till 2016

received all the autographs via his private address in sweden.

Tobbe Englund, promotion Foto 2016

Full signet CD Booklet from "The Art of War"

received from Tobbe Englund in August 2017 via his private address

Daniel Mullback was from 2001 - 2012 drummer from SABATON. I wrote to his private address in SWE and he autographed me all these pictures. Received in September 2016

Daniel Mullback autographed this SABATON CD Booklet of "Primo Vitoria"

Daniel Mullback (dr) on an "vincent" Promotion picture

(you can click for bigger size)

Daniel Mullback

I'm so happy that I have this Big Size Poster now autographed by Par and Joakim. I love the Sweden Country and a picture with the flag an SABATON is an must have for me :) Joakim sents me this incl. a couple of private notes. May 2016

Par Sundström (Bassguitar) : Joakim was so cool and organized this for me during the studio session for the new Album. May 2016

Bandpicture full signs by the Band. I got this too from his private address in August 2016

Hannes van Dahl, all autographs received via his privat address in Sweden in July 2015

Hannes van Dahl (Drums) I made this picture in the SABATON Show 14.02.15 in Hamburg

The letter and a SABATON Guitar pick.

Joakim Broden, Lead singer of SABATON.

Joakim Broden is the Lead Singer of SABATON. I've got both Autographs in June 2016 from his private address in Sweden.

Chris Rörland, I made this picture in the SABATON Show 14.02.15 in Hamburg and Chris autograpehd it for me in March 2015 via his home address.

Chris Rörland, received 2 pictures in March 2015 via his privat address in Falun/Sweden.

Thobbe Englund, received 2 pictures and Guitar Pick in Febr. 2015 via his private address in Sweden.

Thobbe Englund Live with Joacim Broden on Tour in Februar 2015

A new SABATON success August 2014. I wrote to her show in Trelleborg (SWE) and received back my both pictures autographed and dedicated.

The second picture. A solo picture of Joakim Broden from SABATON. But autographed from the whole band :) I like this picture incl. "PANZER" :)

Big Size postcard from one of my favorite bands... SABATON  from Sweden. Received inkl. dedication (backside) from the band in April 2014

Backside the Dedication

My first SABATON autograph. It's the Band from 2012.

Received via mail  from the SABATON MANAGEMENT in 2012