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Floor Jansen  (voc) I received both autographs (and the 3th together with her husband Hannes v. Dahl ) from his private Address in Sweden in October 2017.

Floor Jansen and her Husband Hannes van Dahl (SABATON)

Floor Jansen ( Live)

Imaginaerum Big Size Poster

I've got this Big Size Poster from a friend of mine. He received the autographs after a show in Hamburg (GER) in 2011.

(You can click to see a bigger picture)

Tarja Turunen. I wrote to her Show in Mainz (GER) in Dec. 2015. She signs all these 3 pictures for me with dedication.

The second picture of the lovely Tarja Turunen autographed in Dec. 2015

Tarja sign this NIGHTWISH Cover for me in Dec. 2015

Autographed XXL Poster (this is the half site) signet by all members. Frankfurt Dec. 2015

Kal Hatho Frankfurt 2015

Floor Jansen Frankfurt Dec. 2015

Tuomas Holopainen Frankfurt (GER) Dec. 2015

Emmpu Vuorinen Frankfurt Dec. 2015

Full autographed Band Picture. Received via Venue from Oberhausen in Germany. Nov. 2015

Troy Donockley, received via Venue in Nov. 2015

Guitar picks from Marco und Emmpu Tour 2015

Floor Jansen, received via Venue in Nov. 2015

Emmpu Vuorinen, received via Venue in Nov. 2015

I received that picture together with the New Record Endless Forms Most Beautiful in March 2015

And a new picture from her Solo project.

For this success I've verry hard work.After 6-7 attemps via facebook and management I found her privat address and than I've wait only one week. The former NIGHTWISH singer Ms. Anette Olzon.

The 2. picture of. Ms. Olzon.

I Love this picture. 3 times I've tried to get an autograph on this motive and now my success. On a big size picture is finally now Tarjas autograph !

I've contacted Tarjas management via Mail and then I sent my pieces to the address. Received after 14 Days.

Here the autographed CD booklet of Tarjas "My Winterstorm CD"

Autographed Blu Ray Cover from Tarjas "ACT 1" Blu ray

Troy Donockley is the uilleann pipes man of the band. Received after a request via email .

Backside of the Card with a dedication from Mr. Donockley.

CD Booklet from the NIGHTWISH CD "Highest Hope" autographed by Marco Hietala.

Marco Hietala,  I received all the autographs of him via the Nightwish management which I've contacted previously.

Marco Live

Marco Hietala

This is my second succes. I wrote to her show in Mainz (GER) and Tarja signs my picture.

Tarja Turunen was the singer of NIGHTWISH till 2005. Now she is an solo singer and one of my favorite singer of all time. Both autographs received in May 2014 via her show in Stuttgart.

second autograph of Tarja. A motiv from the Nightwish clip " Sleeping Sun"

Me and Tuomas after the NIGHTWISH show in Wacken (GERMANY) 2001. I'm very happy over this autograph !

An awesome success !!! Tuomas Holopainen !!! He is the keyboarder of my favorite band NIGHTWISH. Received via his management in April 2014

This was my first Nightwish autograph. CD Booklet. I met Tarja and Tuomas in Wacken 2001 andthey autographed this booklet. 

CD Booklet of "End of an Era" autographed by all (without Tarja)