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This is the real ship "Wilhelm Gustloff" in 1938

This picture is a great piece of history. A picture from the "Wilhelm Gustloff" incl. a original autograph of Dr. Robert Ley. He was in the 3th Reich the Reich Organization Leader of the NSDAP and from the "Deutsche Arbeitsfront". I made this reprint personally from the original!!

Signed promotion picture. Heiner Lauterbach autographed this with dedication. Received in Sept. 2015 via his Management.

Heiner Lauterbach is Kapitänleutnant Harald Kehding in this Movie.

Valerie Niehaus is "Erika Galetschky" in this movie. Received in July 2015

The second picture of Ms. Niehaus. Autographed also by Kai Wiesinger Received these pictures via her agency in July 2015

Alexander Held 2nd. success,CENSORED !! It's strictly forbidden in Germany to show the 3th Reich symbols. Of course is the original picture NOT censored ;)

Alexander Held is "Ortsgruppenleiter Escher". Received after his acting in my hometown

This is my favorite picture of the Gustloff movie, Mr. Wiesinger autograph on a nice picture with great dedication.

Kai Wiesinger is one of the Leader in this movie. He plays the Kaptain Hellmuth Kehding.

Tom Wlaschia (Game of Thrones cast) is the Bootsmann Sterum in this movie. Received via his private address in April 2015

Now is this picture autographed by Michael Mendl and Karl Markovisc. Received via Mr. Markovisc' privat address in April 2015

(klick for a large Image)

The second Karl Markovisc autograph with a nice dedication. He is Korvettenkapitän Petri in the movie.

Michael Mendl as Captain "Wilhelm Johannsen"

received from his private address in March 2015.

Michael Mendl second autograph.

Francis Fulton Smith as Korvettenkapitän Leonberg"received in Februar 2015 via his agency

Francis Fulton Smith second autograph and again with a great dedication.

Detlef Buck as Oberfunkmaat Hagen Koch"

received from him in Februar 2015

Detlef Buck second autograph with nice dedication