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Erwin Leder (Das Gespenst) ... I think this is maybe the most known scene of this movie. Received with dedication from his private address after so much nice conversations via email.

Erwin Leder 3th autograph.

Erwin Leder autograph on the CD-Booklet from the Soundtrack

Bernd Tauber as  "Obersteuermann Kriechbaum"

received via his agency in March 2017

Jürgen Prochnow "Der Alte"

Both pictures of Jürgen Prochnow received in April 2017 via his agency in Munich.

Martin Semmelrogge dedication and autograph

in the Book "Das Boot"

The Original Movie Book "Das Boot"

Another autograph from the "Das Boot" movie.A little bit difficult to see.

Martin Semmelrogge autograph on this picture.This and all the other pictures

gotten via Venue in Grevesmühlen (Germany) on 08.Aug. 2012

Szene from the "Das Boot" movie.

autographed by Sky DuMont and

M. Semmelrogge. Gotten from a girlfriend

of mine July 2013

Das Boot Poster pic.

Autographed by Ma. Semmelrogge

and Sky duMont. It's a little bit

difficult to see.

This picture is lost after a new autograph request :(

Signet Poster by Bernd Tauber. Received via his Agency in March 2017

I'm a big fan of the movie "Das Boot". Here is the autograph from

Jürgen Prochnow.The "commander" from the submarine.

I like this black and white picture.Gotten via his agency after

one year in Feb. 2013

The 2. autograph from J. Prochnow.Same time.

These both pictures are rare autographs.

H. Grönemeyer a great German singer

was here in one of the biggest german movie of all time. "Das Boot".

He doesn't often sign pictures. Received via Venue in Lübeck (Germany)

The other H.Grönemeyer autograph.