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Jesse "The Body" Ventura, former Wrestler, Actor and former Govenour of Minnesota. All these 3 autographs are received from his fan mail address in St. Paul.

Autographed Blu Ray Booklet of the "PREDATOR" movie by Jesse Ventura.

autographed by Jesse Ventura in May 2017

Another Game of Throne success. Conleth Hill ( Varys) autographed both pictures incl. dedication

(click on picture for an large view)

Conleth Hill 2nd success. Received via his stage acting in London in March 2017

Owen Teal, receved in April 2016 via his stage acting in London

The 2nd Owen Teal autograph. Bothe autographs via Venue in London 2016. Klick for larger image.

Ed Harris received via Venue from his stage acting in London Febr. 2017

2nd Autograph of Ed Harris in 2017

Mark Strong, received via his Stage Acting in NY in Dec. 2015

Mark Strong in "Stardust" the 2nd success via NY in Dec. 2015

From Michael Nyquist autographed Blu Ray Cover of the Original Swedish Movie "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" . All these autographs received via his Home address in Sweden. A little bit difficult to see....

Michael Nyquist as Kommissar Mikael Eklund in the Great series called "100 Code" from 2015

Michael Nyquist in Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol.

I received Kris Kristofferson's autographs from his management address in Sept. 2015. He is an actors Legend and I'm very happy about this signed pictures incl. dedications.

Kris Kristofferson incl. dedication in Sept. 2015

Kris Kristofferson signature in Sept. 2015

Gary Busey-another Hero of my youth..Both autographs received in July 2015

Tom Wlaschiha as Jaqen H'ghar in the Game of Thrones movie with nice dedication. Received via his private address in April 2015


Tom Wlaschiha, German Actor and Jaqen H'ghar in "Game of Thrones"

Received via his agency on 10.Febr. 2014

second autograph of

Tom Wlaschiha. 2014 But it's very hard to see. Not god ;(

(You can enlarge it about to see it.)

A great picture ! A super picture ! Brian Dennehy with Sly Stallone.

A great success. Mr. Brian Dennehy ! A great actor, I like him in RAMBO "First Blood" Both autographs received via his stage acting in NY January 2015

The second picture. Both pictures are from tthe "Cliffhanger" movie.

Wow..A great success. 2 autographed pictures from Mr. John Litghow. Received in January 2015 via his broadway show in NY.

Ewan McGregor. I wrote to his stage acting in London in

Sept. 2014.  Received in January 2015 only a PP autograph.

That's very pitty.

Billy Connolly, received from his show in Scotland Oct. 2014

I like this great action movie !! The second Norman Reedus autograph.

Billy Connolly as "Il Duce" received via venue from Scotland

What a great success. Norman Reedus the Star from "Boondock Saints" or "Walking Death". Both pictures autographed from him via his agency in Nov. 2013

Another awesome success. William Dafoe signs two pictures for me. Received via his theatre engagement on a Thetare in New York Dec. 2013

I like ROBOCOP and this is my first success from this movie but..I'm so sad. Both Autographs from Kurtwood Smith are very bad to view. The scans are better as the originals fotos. So pitty....

the second success. I'm a great Fan of the Boondock Saints movies. This is my second cast success.

The second picture. Very smudgy.Thereby is it an fantastic motive. I think I want write in the future again to Mr. Smith.

Mads as "Le Chiffre " in James Bond "Casino Royal"

Mads Mikkelsen he was one of my most wanted autograph. Finally I've received an success via HANNIBAL filming in canada 2014

2. autograph of Mads in "Valhalla Rising"

Actor Brian Cox. Received Febr. 2014 about his stage actin in London.

Brian Cox in the "Trick ’r Treat" movie.

Sir Patrick Stewart gotten via his Theatre Performance together with Sir Ian McKellan in New York. 08.Febr. 2014

second autographed picture of Sir Patrick Stewart.

I like the movie and i like this picture. autographed by Mr. Depardieu Jan. 2014

A great success and hard to get. Gerard Depardieu. Received via Stageplay in Paris Januar 2014. 2 pictures autographed.

my original Letter to Mr. Pullman

Actor Bill Pullman autographed 2 Pictures which I've sent to his Stageplay in NY. Back today 08.Jan. 2014 my both pictures and a thanx on my original letter.

This is a very special Success. Hard to get...Mr. Ed Harris...he is a great actor. I like him in "The Rock" this is success number one, gotten from a Theatre in NY 08.12.2013


The second success :) Picture from "A History of Violence"

One of my favorite picture in my Collection...Jeff Fahey in MACHETE

the second success from London Theatre.

This success is incredible. Never thought to get an answer. :) Jeff Fahey success . I like him in MACHETE...gotten 02.12.13 from a Theatre in London.

A nice and fantastic success. Mr. Brad Dourif is "The Voice" of Chucky in the chucky movies and he is Grima Wormtongue in the Lord of the Ring Movies. A great success because it's difficult to get his autograph.

The second Brad Dourif autograph.Both received about a Theatre in NY.

Very Happy for this...After My Rachel Weisz success now also Mr. Bond Daniel Craig himself. about the same address, a Theatre in NY. received 25.11.2013

This is a great historical success for me. Mr. Robert Vaughn, the last living actor from "The magnificent Seven" (Die glorreichen Sieben) movie. Received from his theatre show in London on 18.Nov.13

This picture is my most beautiful pic and my favorite pic.

2 years waiting for an successs and 3 attemps !!

Ken Watanabe as Moritsugu Katsumoto in my favorite movie

"The Last Samurai"


here is the second autograph from Mr. Watanabe.

I've got both pics via venue from the Godzilla set

in Canada on 1. July 2013

Chris Hemsworth in THOR . Gotten via Venue on 30.Nov. 2012

Chris Hemsworth in "Snow White and The Huntsman". Gotten via Venue on 30.Nov. 2012

Alan Rickman as "Mr. Grubert" in Die Hard. Gotten via Venue on 09.Febr.2012

I Love this Foto !!

Alan Rickman in "Quickley-Down Under" as Elliot Marston.

Gotten via Venue 0n 09,Febr. 2012

Bruno Ganz as "Adolf Hitler" in "Der Untergang" , gotten via his Management on

10. July 2012

Bruno Ganz autograph on the "Der Untergang" movie poster. gotten via his management on 10. July 2012

Kingsley, Ben in "Prinz of Persia"

gotten via his management

on 07. March 2013

Kingsley, Ben in "Shutter Island"

gotten via his management

on 07. March 2013

Danny Trejo as "MACHETE"

on of my favorite movies

another Danny autograph

gotten from his address

12. Jan. 2012

Actor Bill Nighty autograph

(u.a.Pirates of the Caribbean)

gotten from his address

17. Jan 2013


Actor Sir Michael Cain in

Batman-Dark Knight Rises

a great success, gotten

30. Jan 2013

Aaron Eckhart autograph on

Batman-The Dark Knight picture

gotten from his address on

29. Jan 2013

another Aaron Eckhart autograph

29.Jan 2013

Aaron Eckhart signs the Posterpic

from "World Invasion - Battle Los Angeles"

29.Jan 2012

Christpher Lambert signs

this great picture via his address

on Jul 24. 2012

"there can be only one" :)

C.Lambert autograph on

a wonderful picture

another fantastic C. Lambert

autograph.gotten from his address

Jean Reno in "Ronin"

autographed picture, gotten

from his agency but very hard to get.

Jean Reno "privat" picture

with autograph,gotten (all) via

his agency on 17 May 3013

Jean Reno autograph on

the posterpic from "22 Bullets" wait over one year !!

Danny deVito (as The Penguin)

Autograph on a "BATMAN" picture

gotten via Venue on

07.Jul 2012



Danny deVito Autograph

gotten via Venue on

07.Jul 2012

Voight, Jon autograph on a

cool picture. Gotten from his

agency on Jun 27. 2012

Voight,Jon autograph

on a posterpic from

"The National Tresure" movie

Tom Selleck as "Quickley"

autograph on a fantastic picture.

one of my most favorite movies.

gotten via Venue Mar 15. 2012

Tom's autograph on a picture from

"Runaway" movie. This film is incl.

Gene Simmons (KISS).

James Earl Jones in "Conan"

great autograph, gotten on 03.Jul.2013

via Venue.

James Earl Jones in "Conan"

great autograph, gotten on 03.Jul.2013

via Venue.

Another great Star signs me my picture.

James Belushi in a great movie The Principal"

gotten via his address on 01.Jun 2012

James Belushi autograph

gotten on 01.Jun. 2012

Cool picture, nice signature

James Belushi on a K9 movie pic.

gotten 01. Jun 2012

James  Purefoy on a posterpic from

the cool movie "solomon Kane"

gotten from his address on 16. Feb. 2012

another autographed version

of a Solomon Kane poster.


Cool movie, cool motive.

James Purefoy in "IRONCLAD"

James Purefoy sent me a letter too.

Kevin Bacon, autograph on

the Blu ray cover from

"Death Sentence"

another Kevin Bacon autograph

on the "Takin Chance" posterpic.

Kevin Bacon, another great star

signs me these 3 pictures

via Venue gotten on 31.12.2012

M. Semmelrogge autograph on the

picture of "Randall Boggs" from the

"Monster AG" movie :) He is the german voice.

M. Semmelrogge autograph on a Flyer

from his Open Air Theater Engagement.

M. Semmelrogge autograph

on the Open Air Theatre 2012

a fantastic autograph.

Kevin Spacey signs this

Blu Ray cover from the

L.A. Confidential movie.

second Kevin Spacey autograph from

the "Superman" movie.

Gotten via Venue from his

own Theatre in England.

Great actor is Michele Galabru.He was the Boss

of Louis DeFunes in the "Le Gendarm" movie :)

this and the other autogrpahs

gotten 05.July 2012 via his agency.

Michel Galabru autograph in a

"Le Gendarme" movie szene.

Michel Galabru autograph in a

"Le Gendarme" movie szene.

Marl Wahlberg autograph on

a "Shooter" picture. Gotten from his

agency 22.Dec. 2012

(signature is a little bit difficult to see)

Marl Wahlberg autograph on

a "Shooter" picture. Gotten from his

agency march 2013

Marl Wahlberg autograph on

a "Max Payne" picture. Gotten from his

agency 22.Dec. 2012

what a cool picture :)

Robert "Freddy" Englund autograph

gotten via his agency on 02. May 2012

German Comedian and Actor

Oliver Kalkofe. Autograph from 1998

Robert Duvall autograph. His autographs are very hard to get.

I've got waited over 1 year for this. Gotten on 28.Apr. 2013 via his address

he autographed all 3 picture which i've

sent to him.

Robert Duvall autograph on a poster pic

of  "Colors"

Rolf Hoppe (German Actor) a fantastic Hero of my youth.

I wrote to hin a very long letter with much of my memories

of his films.He sents me 6 autographed pictures.This is my favorite

picture. Hoppe as "Chiefhed" Bashan in "Weiße Wölfe"

gotten all the autographs from him in March 2013

Rolf Hoppe autograph

Rolf Hoppe in "Ulzana"

autograph is very difficult to see

Rolf Hoppe autograph on the VHS Cover

from the movie "Weiße Wölfe"

Rolf Hoppe autograph on a

Promotion postcard 2013

another movie szene from "Ulzana"

autographed by Rolf Hoppe

 Ray Stevenson as "Punisher"an hard to get autograph.

I've waited over 1 year for this answer. 06. July 2012

Ray Stevenson autograph on a picture

from  the "King Arthur" movie

Ray Stevenson autograph

on the BluRay Cover from

"The Punisher2"

a personal pic from Ray Stevenson

he gaves me this extra

Götz Otto, german Actoron a Promo Picture

from the "Iron Sky" movie. gotten this and the other

autographs after one year waiting from his

agency in may 2013

Götz Otto and Julia Dietze autographs

on this Posterpic from the Iron Sky movie.

June 2013

Ian McShane as "Waleran Bigot" in

"Pillars of the Earth". gotten from his

own company on 03.Jul. 2013