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Olsenbande Fan-Book.

First edition 1996

long out of print. autographed by Morten Grunwald

personally 09.May 2012 in Greifswald (GER)


The Book

Morten signs my Book 2012

Morten Grunwald as "Benny" autograph 2012

Morten is the only still living actor

from the "Olsengang", autograph from 2012

Morten in a Szene from "The Olsenbande ergibt sich nie"

autographe 2012

Movie szene from "Die Olsenband fährt nach Jütland"

autographed by Morten Grunwald 2012

I like this picture because I was in the year 2010 in Danmark in vacation and on the Beach where this movie was filmed !!

Ove Verner Hansen danish actor.

He was "Das dumme Schwein" in the Olsengang movies.

Gotten from his address 24. Jan 2013

He is one of the Last living members from these movies !!

Ove Verner Hansen autograph 2013

Jes Holsö danish actor and singer.

He was the child from the Olsengang.

I've got this from him in Greifswald (Germany 2013)

Szene from "Die Olsenbande stellt die Weichen"

Jes Holsö alis "Börge" with The Olsengang :o)