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Signed Band Picture of Kataklysm a Canadien Death Metal Band. I wrote to his show in Berlin in Nov. 2018 --- it was the same day as i met Amon Amarth in Berlin too :o) shit happens.

Jean-François Dagenais is the Guitaris of Kataklysm

Oli Beaudoin is the current drummer of Kataklysm


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A friendly notice of Stéphane Barbe on my original letter which I had sent.

CD booklet of the Live in Germany CD signed by the whole Band Kataklysm


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CD Booklet of "Serenity in Fire"  signed by the whole band.


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                                                     Necrobucher signs this CD Booklet of

De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas



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Necrobucher (Mayhem)

his autograph backside on this picture.

Necrobucher (Bass guitar)
He is the founder of the legendary Norwegian Blak Metal Band MAYHEM. I sent him a letter with two pictures in 2018 and in Januar 2019 i received the answer. Both pictures a signed on the backside.

The signatur is backside on this picture.


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Galder from Dimmu Borgir (NOR) received December 2018

Galder is guitar player in the Norwegian Symphonic Black Metal Band Dimmu Borgir. I wrote him to his Address in Norge and he send me my pictures and a guitar Pick back. The Pics are autographed on both sides.

Guitar Pick of Galder (Dimmu Borgir)

Andreas Vingbäck, he is the current singer of the Swedish Black Metal Band "Dark Funeral". I wrote to his address in Sweden and he signed me 2 pictures and this CD Booklet was pre-signed by Lord Ahriman.Received in January 2019


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CD Booklet of "Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus"

the second picture of
Andreas Vingbäck


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Grand Magus is a Metal Band from Sweden foundet in 1996. I received all the autographs from Mat Fox Skinner via his private address in Sweden.

Janne Christoffersson is singer and Guitar Player on Grand Magus.

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Ludwig Witt is drummer on Grand Magus.

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Signed CD Booklet of "The Hunt"

Matt Fox Skinner is the Bass player on Grand Magus

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Signed CD Booklet of

" Sword Songs"

Signed CD Booklet of

"Triumph and Power"

Cradle of Filth from Great Britan. Received as Goodie to their New Record in Dec. 2017

U.D.O. the German Metal "Monster" He is a Legend and the former Singer of ACCEPT. Received after a Show in Leipzig (GER) via Mail in Dec. 2017

The German Metal Legend U.D.O. former ACCEPT singer.

Autograph from Dec. 2017

PROMOTION Picture of Ereb Altor 2017. Received from Mats Christer Olson Guitar and Singer of Ereb Altor via his privat address in Sweden in August 2017

Kerry King is founder and Guitarrist of the legendary Band SLAYER.

I received both autographs from his private address in Sept. 2017

Kerry King Guitarrist of SLAYER.

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Yes of Course, that's defenite NOT Metal but a Legend and a hero of my youth. Björn Ulveaus from ABBA. I received this via his private address in sweden in september 2016. I'm very happy because it's with dedication and that's hard to get.

Einar Selvik was an former drummer of the Norwegian Black Metal Band GORGOROTH and is now Founder and Singer of the Norwegian Folk Band "WARDRUNA"

He plays a role in the tv show "VIKINGS" and work on the Soundtrack.

I've got received these autographs via his private address in Norway in Nov. 2016

Einar Selvik (former GORGOROTH)

Einar Selvik in "VIKINGS" TV-Series

Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) I grew up with the Band and now I've got my first Autographs. Received all these 4 via Venue on his Tour in November 2016

Steve Harris (Iron Maiden)

Steve Harris (Iron Maiden)

 Steve Harris Bass Player ond Founder of IRON MAIDEN.

VINTERSORG (SWE) is an Pagan Metal Band. All autograps received in September 2016 from private address of Andreas Hedlund. I hope I can received the autograph of M. Marklund next.

Vintersorg (SWE) autographed by "Vintersorg" - Andreas Hedlund. I sent my request to his private address in Sweden. He sents me all my pictures autographed back.

Autographed CD Booklet by Andreas Hedlund. Singer of "Vintersorg"

Full signed Promo Picture of LORD BELIAL. Received from Mathias Backelin in Sept. 2016

Autographed CD Booklet from Lord Belial by Thomas and Micke. September 2016

Lord Belial (SWE) autographed picture bei Micke and Thomas Backelin. Received in September 2016

Micke Backelin. Drummer of Lord Belial-a Swedish Black Metal Band. I sent to his brother Thomas my letter with an request.

Thomas Backelin Guitar and Voc. of Lord Belial. I sent an request to his privat address in Sweden. He sents me a couple aof autographs back. An great success. Received in September 2016.

Autographed CD Booklet from "Emperor" by Bart "Faust" Eithun.

Bart "Faust" Eithun. Drummer of the Norwegian Black Metal Band EMPEROR. I sent my request to his private address in Norway. He sent it back to me with an personal letter in August 2016.

the second picture. Faust "Live"

Signed CD of ELDAMAR: I've got sent the CD to his privat address in Norway. I got this back in September 2016.

Ereb Altor is an Swedish Vikingmetal Band. On of my favorite Bands. I wrote in January 2016 to Matts private address is Sweden and received these pictures inkl. the booklet autographed and with dedication. Great success.

Ereb Altor (SWE) full signed picture

Matts Christer Olsson the singer of Ereb Altor.

MAJESTY is a German Powermetal Band, maybe like Manowa in Germany ;) I sent the pictures to a show here in Germany in Febr. 2016

The German Band MAJESTY

2nd picture of MAJESTY

This success is very very great because it's hard to get from him an autograph. Gaahl was an former member of GORGOROTH (NOR) an of the best Black Metal Bands from Norway. He lifes very secluted in Norway.  I found yet his privat address and sent him a long letter. The result was 3 signet pictures. I was so happy about this. Received in Nov. 2015

Gaahl in Corpsepaint. The autograpf is very difficult to see. So pitty. You can click on the picture for viewing

an awesome Live pic of Gaahl

It's an cool Live pic of Lord Ahriman. All these pictures received from his privat address in Sweden 2016.

Lord Ahriman (bass)

Another great picture of Lord Ahriman.

Black Metal Gods "Dark Funeral" from Sweden. I wrote to Lord Ahriman his privat address and received a couple of autographs. Incl. this CD booklet.